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February 28, 2004

Galilee Baptist Church, Washington, DC "Unity: Family Reconciliation"

JITA Retreat:

October 30, 2004

Faith to Faith Ministries, Washington, DC "The Final Warning: Escape the Coming Wrath of God"

JITA Outreach:

December 2004

P.R. Harris Educational Center, Washington, DC "Christmas Food Baskets and Toy Drive Giveaway"

JITA Outreach:

August 27, 2005

Orr Elementary School, Washington, DC "Book Bag Giveaway"

JITA Outreach: 

October 21-22, 2005

Laurel, Maryland

Fundraiser "Bake Sale" at Wal-Mart

JITA Outreach:

November 19, 2005

Malcolm X Elementary School, Washington, DC

"Thanksgiving Food Baskets and Clothing Giveaway"

JITA Shopping Bus Trip:

December 3, 2005

"Shopping Bus Trip to Jersey Gardens Outlet" Elizabeth, New Jersey

JITA Outreach:

December 17, 2005

Orr Elementary School, Washington, DC

"Christmas Food Baskets and Toy Drive Giveaway"

JITA Outreach:

February 24, 2006

YWCA Building, Washington, DC

"Mother's with Infants: Community Outreach Program"

JITA Outreach:

March 23-24, 2006

Laurel, Maryland

Fundraiser "Bake Sale" at Wal-Mart


JITA asks that you prayerfully consider partnering with the organization as we continue to be a blessing to families who are less fortunate than ourselves; JITA desires to partner with those who will sow a financial seed on a monthly basis. Your consideration to help fund and support this worthy ministry will continue to build and fulfill God's Kingdom here on earth,

JITA volunteers must have a sincere desire to make a difference in someones life. Volunteers must understand the importance of commitment and faithfulness to Jesus Christ and that kinship will always place the needs of others before themselves. Volunteers are always needed in assisting with our outreach community events.

Stay tune for upcoming new Events

More Testimonials

Patricia Roberts Harris Educational Center

4600 Livingston Road SE, Washington, DC 20032 (202) 645-3490 

To Whom It May Concern:In December 2004 JITA (Jesus Is The Answer) Evangelist Group blessed fifty families with over 100 children during the Christmas holiday season. These families received turkey baskets, clothing, shoes, and toys for children ages 1-12. This out reach ministry is to be commended for this invaluable service and blessing to those of our community who are less fortunate. It is our prayers that they continue this service annually and support our community and school. JITA has truly had a dynamic impact on this neighborhood.

Respectfully yours,William H.D. Ellis Vice Principal

Hi, my name is Kesia Kirby and this is just a short notation to let you know how the lord uses his children to help one another. I was praying to the Lord about my 2 children Christmas gifts. And just days before Christmas I got a phone call from a beautiful spirit who name is Mrs. Larnice Newman. She told me that I was the chosen one. I almost cried not because I was chosen but just that I knew it was my Father in heaven answering my prayers. Larnice talked to me and invited me and my children to P.R. Harris Elementary school. When we got there we were just expecting a toy but the Lord blessed them and in return they blessed us. My two children got toys, clothing and they even had the same for me. So not only were my children blessed. We all were blessed. To top it off we received a turkey basket also. I was so surprised. I really believe in this organization called JITA (Jesus Is The Answer). When Jesus gives them the answer they in return give it to us.

JITAis an evangelistic non-profit organization whose goal is to take the Gospel to the streets. Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless by meeting the needs of the community, by providing the necessary services to maintain a balanced Christian life.

JITA is a Christ center organization with a focus on reaching lost souls for the Kingdom of God and establishing a holy nation.

JITA’s aim is to offer spiritual guidance with the presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, reconciling every man, woman, boy and girl back to God.

By using effective evangelism and outreach venues such as workshops, seminars, crusades and conferences for all ages,JITAattempts to reach out to the communities.

JITA’s goal is to provide emergency utilities, provisions of food, clothing and eventually shelter.

With your continued support of a donation, it will help JITA in building God’s kingdom here on earth. All donations are appreciated.

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